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Shop Floor Manager


Microsoft Azure Cloud

Access via secured web portal, or a mobile

Issue/print/track barcodes

Monitor shop worker productivity

Track daily production

Fully customizable

Unlimited users

Reliable and secure

Panel manufacturing challenges

Maintaining the right inventory levels
One of the biggest challenges architectural cladding manufacturers face is the ability to remain calm and organized in the mids of chaos. Without a barcode tracking system, manufacturers don’t have an up-to-date shop inventory, nor is it easy to track what panels have been cut, fabricated or shipped. Without access to this information in real-time, shops are prevented from successfully running lean manufacturing as well as lowering operational cost.

Skilled labour shortage
With a recent shortage of experienced panel manufacturers and installers, the potential to identify top performers is crucial to productivity levels. Over 20% of skilled manufacturers will be retiring within the next 10 years. New methods are vital for the survival of this drop. Shop Floor Manager can track productivity of each fabricator therefore, helping to maintain and organize employees as well as promote where necessary.

Ability to stay relevant, innovative, and competitive
Without the use of modern technology, manufacturing companies are struggling to stay relevant and competitive. According to recent research, it is estimated that by the year 2026, the North American architectural cladding market value will increase by 100%

Lack of a software solution that is specifically designed for panel manufacturing
The majority of the software solutions currently available are considered an “all-purpose” and expected to suit all production types. This obviously does not cater to the needs of each manufacturer. Furthermore, they are over complicated, outdated, expensive and not ideal for panel manufacturing.

Inadequate Key Performance Indicators to measure and manage quality
Without the ability to pinpoint a defect, factory shops cannot remedy their problems. Far too often, manufactured panels are sent out to the customer site but returned with damage, all at the cost of the shop

How Shop Floor Manager Works


Issuing barcode labels

  • Each panel to be manufactured is entered into the system by an approved user. The system automatically generates a unique barcode number for that specific panel. A user then verifies that all information has been entered correctly.

Printing barcode labels

  • User selects one or a batch of panels then prints their barcode labels using compatible Brother barcode label printers. Barcode labels are added to the panel’s drawing printouts and sent to the shop floor.

Attaching barcode

  • CNC operator cuts the panel and applies the appropriate barcode label to the back of the panel. Once the barcode has been applied, the CNC operator scans the barcode label which then notifies the system that the panel has been cut and is ready for fabricating.

Fabricating panels

  • Each fabricating table/workbench has its own SFM tablet and barcode scanner installed. Each fabricator logs into the system using a unique 4 digit PIN. Fabricators scan the cut panel to begin manufacturing it. Once a fabricator has completed fabricating the panel, he/she scans it again in order to notify the system that the panel has been fabricated and is ready for shipping.

Automated Shipping Lists

  • Shipping personnel scan the fabricated panels and prepare them for shipping. An automated shipping list is created, listing all of the panels to be shipped. Lastly, shipping personnel verify the list and print out a hard copy to present to the customer for a signature.

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